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Why Cats Are Good Pets | Do They Make Best Companions For Humans ?



We all know that cats are good for us. They seldom interrupt when we are talking. They are always ready to assist at nap time. They are wonderful at keeping secrets at keeping themselves clean, and at keeping loneliness at bay. They have even been credited with lowering our blood pressure this are some points to say why cats are awesome pets.

The best reason for getting a kitten is to enjoy the pleasure of its company. If you never have experienced the joy of watching a kitten come to terms with the world and trying to bend the world to its terms your life is poorer for want of that experience.

Why Cats Are The Best Pets ?

Kittens are all eyes, ears, and innocence they are ineffably soft, unerringly cute, unfailingly mischievous and surprisingly resilient. They can make you laugh when you have no reason to and they can drag a smile from your soul on the most tight-lipped day.

Such is their influence that it is almost impossible not to grin at anyone you meet who is wearing a T-shirt with a kitten on it, just as one is always happy to hear from anyone who sends a greeting card with a kitten on the cover. In order to deserve companion-ship, however, you must be willing to provide it they are many Benefits in having a cat as a pet in your home.

If you do not enrich your kitten’s life as much as it enriches yours, you are taking advantage of your kitten’s good nature. Your kitten will always be ready to lick your face when the heel marks of a frustrating day are stamped across your brow. When you are keyed up because of something the boss, the clerk at the convenience store, the person in the next cubicle at work.

The president, some editorial writer, a loved one, the neighbor’s kid. or all of the above did or said recently. your kitten will be happy to sit and listen to you dis-course about the unfairness of it all. If you are a good kitten owner, you will be ready to return the favor this is why do cats make good pets at homes.

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