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Top 5 Cutest and Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World



All dogs are adorable, nobody could deny it. While some people seek to have an inseparable friend because of their character or size, others only seek to be affectionate and affable. In any case, the cutest of dogs is a factor to consider when looking for a new pet for our home. So here is our select list of the most beautiful dog breeds on the planet.

cutest dog breeds in the world

Before starting with the list of the most beautiful dogs in the world, you should know that this is a personal opinion of our readers, so there is no need to take it badly if you do not look at your dog included in the list. 

As for a mother, no child is more beautiful than his own son, for the owner of a pet, there is no animal that is cuter than his. All the dogs are beautiful, full of love and affection to offer. That said we will show you the top ten of the most beautiful dogs in the world according to the vote of our readers.

Many specialists on the subject recognize that the German shepherd is the most integral breed of all, in fact, they are credited with being the “second best in everything”. You can also check the list of dog breeds around the world.

Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

Famous for their protective nature, especially with children, these dogs need to have an extensive garden, since they are very energetic animals and need to be active all the time beautiful dog breeds of the world. In general, the German shepherd is unmistakable for its tan coat and a black band that covers the entire upper part of the back, from the tail to the head.

Be that as it may, a bunch of breeds is generally viewed as more wonderful than general others. Clearly, magnificence is an abstract quality and sensible personalities will differ about the things that make a given breed alluring, yet we’ve attempted to devise a rundown that incorporates those breeds the vast majority consider especially great lookin’. 

A few perusers will concur with the greater part of the breeds we’ve recorded underneath, while others will wind up incensed that we’ve left off one of their top choices. Try not to be distraught simply told us the ones we’ve missed in the remarks underneath. We may even incorporate them in future updates.

They are small in size but strong and very agile. Jack Russell Terrier also has a very friendly and extroverted character that make them excellent companions for younger children. Thanks to their extreme intelligence and their affable nature, these dogs represent an ideal pet for active people. Generally, they are white with black or brown spots along your body. It should be noted that they are very loyal to their masters.

When we think about acquiring a breed of dog we want it to fit our needs, that is, in terms of size and level of activity, but also that it be beautiful and elegant. There are many types of dogs and their beauty will also depend on the eye that looks at them and also how much exercise your dog needs every day to stay health and happy.

This breed arose from the combination of the Scottish terrier with the English. Being so small and colorful, the Yorkshire terrier is a very nice and adorable animal. His so distinguished coat and his expressive look make him one of the pets most chosen by people below are some rare and beautiful dog breeds. These animals can be gray or light brown and are recommended for people who live in small apartments or who have a more tranquil lifestyle.


5) Scottish Shepherd


scottish shepherd

It’s hard not to stop admiring it when you come across a Scottish shepherd or long-haired collie called Rough Collie in his home country. Worthy and austere, but at the same time with a cheerful and friendly look, his long and beautiful hair makes it easily recognizable, also thanks to the success of series of films, television series and books put on sale since 1943, which included Lassie. It can not be considered one of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

4) Pomeranian



The Pomeranian or Pomeranian, also known as German Dwarf Spitz, or Pomerania, is one of the most famous and appreciated dogs on the planet. We could call it a “best seller” because this German dwarf Spitz has conquered the hearts of many people around the world and has even become one of the favorite dogs of Hollywood celebrities. With only about 3 kilos of weight enters with the right foot in the top ten of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

3) Chow Chow


chow chow

The Chow Chow or simply Chow is known for its unmistakable appearance, to some, it reminds you of a lion, due to the dense fur that surrounds its golden brown face, to others, it reminds you of a bear, for its rounded and massive forms. It can weigh up to 30 kilos, has a distinctive blue-black tongue that, in fact, has been part of more than one legend. They are intelligent, independent and demanding. One of the most beautiful and beautiful dog breeds in the world.

2) Afghan Hound


afghan hound breed

The Afghan Hound is a dog that does not go unnoticed the typical characteristic of this breed is the long and silky hair, which looks like an attractive female hair. This is a large, beautiful and very sensitive specimen: it always shows a strong attachment to its owner and also with the children it is very docile and affectionate. Considered by all as one of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

1) Bichon


bichon dog breed

The Bichon is a dog breed of uncertain origin, it can be French or Spanish. It was a dog that was mostly found in upper-middle-class families and noble families. Its peculiarity is precisely its soft and slightly curly fur, typically white. It is also distinguished by its lively and affectionate character. It is a dog that becomes very attached to his family and especially to children. He is sociable, affectionate and takes the title of the most beautiful dogs in the world in our top ten of

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