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Published on February 27, 2021

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So one of the hardest times a rabbit owner has to face is when the rabbit dies, especially when the rabbit dies of unknown causes. We encourage all owners to have what’s called a necropsy, which is another word for an autopsy. And what that means is that the rabbit’s body and his tissues are examined after death. A lot of owners find this a repulsive idea and they say things to me like, “Oh, I don’t want my rabbit desecrated, I can’t imagine cutting him up”, they have images of necropsy that are just not the way it really is. So we wanted to talk a little bit about necropsies and why they’re so valuable.

A necropsy, and this is obviously a very much alive rabbit, he’s just here to help, keep visual interest while we’re talking about something like death. A necropsy is very simple surgery that’s done after death. And the rabbit is opened up after death just as neatly as he’s opened up, for example, when you female rabbit is spayed, he’s not opened up when he’s neutered, but when he has any other kind of surgery. It’s a very neat procedure and same thing is done after death. The rabbit’s body is carefully opened, tissue samples may be removed, for example if the veterinarian opens up your rabbit’s body and discovers that the kidneys look really abnormal or the liver is all mottled in color and doesn’t look right, any internal organs that have a strange or unusual appearance, maybe the lungs have consolidated material in them. The veterinarian is going to want to take small tissue samples from these organs and send them to a pathology laboratory for examination to get some answers as to why this rabbit died, or how this rabbit died. This is just unbelievably comforting to most rabbit owners because rabbit owners, like any really serious pet lovers, rabbit owners blame themselves. “Oh my God, if only I had done this, if only I had done that, this rabbit wouldn’t have died” and most of the time it’s not the rabbit owner’s fault or responsibility that the rabbit died. The rabbit was going to die regardless of what the owner did.

And I remember a case a few years ago, I had a wonderful little foster rabbit that I had adopted out and I had his brother for awhile and finally adopted that bunny out and their owner was somewhere in Europe, out of range of any cell tower. And one day I came back to check the rabbit and he was lying dead in his cage. He had been perfect that morning and this was later in the afternoon and he was just dead. Of course I was beside myself with pain and anguish and blaming myself, beating myself up, sure that I had done something wrong forgotten to do something or done something that I shouldn’t have done. I just couldn’t imagine what because I was caring for the rabbit as best I could. I right away tried to call the owners to get permission to get necropsy and the owners, as I said, weren’t near a cell tower so I wasn’t able to reach them. But I always ask people to sign a boarding contract, part of which stipulates that I can seek and get vet care, so I took the rabbit’s body along with that permission to our veterinarian and asked him to do a necropsy, which he did and I assisted him in the necropsy and we found that this rabbit had a grossly irregular heart. Left ventricular septal cardiomyopathy, I remember it to this day. And I looked at this heart and I said “Oh, my heavens, so this is why he died” and the vet said, “The question isn’t why he died here, the question is how did he live two years with a heart like this? This is really remarkable that he survived that long.” So that gave me a lot of comfort, I hadn’t done anything wrong.

And then interestingly enough, shortly after that I received word that that rabbit’s sibling had been adopted out to another area, had died thirty days before of exactly the same cause and we know that because that rabbit owner also had a necropsy done. So a necropsy can stop you from beating yourself up a

When Do Pet Rabbits Shed

When Do Pet Rabbits Shed, What Is a Necropsy? | Pet Rabbits.

Diseases Affecting Pets

A variety of droppings and urine could be anywhere in the house, especially during the earlier stages of training. Who understands, you may simply stumble upon some youth memory which will make you all gooey and warm inside.

What Is a Necropsy? | Pet Rabbits, Search popular full length videos related to When Do Pet Rabbits Shed.

Incredible Facts About Rabbits

Bunnies are chewers and also they need to mark their area. Pet Rabbits requirement to be trained to urinate or defecate at a particular place in the space or garden. This will assist in keeping their fur from matting.

You may choose an eccentric snob if you dress up your precious pet in some of the funkiest animal clothing! Why should you care about the agitation you seem to stir when you take a walk in the park with your fashionable quadruped? Be various, stick up to your quirks and have some more style animal suggestions playing the brand-new animal dress up games online.

Bunnies are spick-and-span even those who are not domesticated. They enjoy to dig holes and chew and chew almost anything that enters their methods. Cute Pet Rabbits enjoy home entertainments and enjoyable. You also must provide toys for them to prevent them to become stressed because when rabbits are stressed out, beware, they may do something extreme to themselves or worse to your stuff.

Appropriate bunny care similarly includes a hygienic shelter. Cleaning the pen is necessary not simply for your benefit. A bunny’s dirt can stink very badly and could eventually affect the health of your Pet Rabbits Care. If you desire to keep your pet in the garden or yard, make sure to provide a pen mostly made for the environment and weather outside.

A balanced diet prepare for rabbits includes of rabbit food – or pellets, veggies and hay. Lots of rabbits enjoy to chew on carrots or lettuce. Daily fresh food and water is necessary to the tending of your rabbit. If they are feeding correctly, in this manner you can monitor. Do not treat your rabbit like your cat, who will only eat when she is starving. Your rabbit will eat and eat and remain in threat of getting too overweight. Make sure you examine the labels of the rabbit pellets. You don’t want any feed which contains nuts. This is usually bad for your rabbit’s the gastrointestinal system. It’s all right to give your rabbit fruit periodically. They really enjoy it.

Pet Rabbits are loving and funny and often even caring. In the wild, rabbits reside in colonies. They are social animals who like to stick and enjoy to reside in close proximity. If you have ever seen a bonded set of rabbits, you understand that they are very sweet together. They will lie together and lick and groom each other. In some cases they will even play and romp.

Prior to you choose to house your rabbits outside, it is necessary for you to understand the danger. They are subjected to numerous predator animals such as snakes and even felines too. Even if they are not physically hurt, numerous died from shock and stress. As they are timid animals, they can be quickly frightened to death.

Print a page or more of does and don’t for rabbit care when you have a handle on knowing about rabbits. You could also point out books that you might equip that go a lot much deeper into keeping the bunny healthy.

It might be adorable to adopt baby rabbits but the thing is, baby bunnies grow bigger and you will not be able to estimate how huge it is going to differ from when you adopt adult bunnies that are already in its irreversible size.

When residing in the wild, a bunny will invest 50% of their time above ground foraging on yard and other foods. Bunnies are social animals that need a lot of private attention. Lots of rabbits enjoy to chew on carrots or lettuce.

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