10 safe fruits for rabbits to eat as treats

Published on February 20, 2021

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Safe fruits for rabbits that you can give as small treats now and then. I will cover each fruit more detailed below, as i could not fit all the info into the video. Note that the serving sizes i used was only for the purpose of the video and obviously she did not get to eat everything. All these fruits are safe for rabbits, but what one rabbit may like another may not. My rabbit is kinda picky, so she wouldn’t even try several of the delicious treats i put out for her. First off we go throug some general info about rabbit diets

General diet: Your rabbit should have unlimited access to fresh hay and water, in fact around 80-90% of the daily food intake should come from hay. The remaining should come from high quality pellets and fresh rabbit safe vegetables. Consult your vet if you are uncertain of anything regarding your rabbits diet. The following link is a great source for all you need to know about feeding your rabbit. Diet requirements and feeding rabbits at different life stages explained: https://www.tinypetstube.com/animal-articles/rabbit-diet-in-different-life-stages/

Introducing new foods: When you start feeding your rabbit new fresh foods you should do so slowly so your bunny’s gut bacteria can adapt to the new food. You should do one food at a time in small portions and see how it turns out. If the stool changes from the regular solid round pellets to a softer or even wet stool, then it had to much and you should keep it on it’s base diet of fresh hay and pellets for some days until the stool returns to normal. Remember to wash all fresh foods thoroughly in running water to get rid of any traces of insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and other elements before you feed it to your rabbit

Fruits for rabbits: Fruits can be delicious treats for your furry buddy, but even if it’s nutritious it’s also high in sugar and can cause imbalance in the gut bacteria and lead to severe health problems if you overfeed it. Fruit is like junk food for rabbits and it should only be served as a small treat a couple of times a week, with the pits and seeds removed. Recommended serving sizes for fruits varies much, so just keep it small and safe to avoid any issues. The link below have a nice section where you can read more about fruits for rabbits. Remember to introduce new fruits slowly one at a time and consult your vet if you have questions

Strawberries for rabbits: Strawberries and the plants are not toxic for rabbits and most are able to digest them. Recommended serving size for strawberries are around a thumb size or a medium sized strawberry. These red delights are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Strawberries are nice treats for humans too

Apples for rabbits: You can safely feed your rabbit apples as a treat, but never the seeds or the stems as they contain poisonous compounds. The skin is safe to eat too as long as it’s washed. Recommended serving size is a slice or two per week. Apples contains Vitamin B and C as well as the mineral Boron

Pears for rabbits: Pears along with the washed skin is another sweet and juicy fruit you can safely give your rabbit as small treats. Recommended serving size is the general rule of no more than two tablespoons. Pears contains a wide array of both vitamins and minerals and is high in fiber, making it a good treat choice

Papaya for rabbits: Papaya is packed with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins wich can give your rabbit a little health boost when fed as small treats. Both the flesh and the skin is safe to eat, but be sure to scoop out the seeds. Recommended serving size is 1 teaspoon per 2 pounds/900 grams of bodyweight

Plums for rabbits: Plums are bunny safe nutritious sweet treats with several health benefits and contains the Vitamins A, C and K. Recommended serving size is 1 teaspoon per 2 pounds/900 grams of bodyweight

Kiwi for rabbits: You can safely treat your rabbit to these green delicious fruits wich is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. The skin is safe too, as long as you have washed it in running water first. Recommended serving size is the general 1 teaspoon per 2 pounds/900 grams of bodyweight for this fruit too

Pineapple for rabbits: Pineapple is rich with vitamins and minerals wich makes it a great choice for treats. But only the actual flesh, not any other elements of the pineapple. A thumb sized serving should be max

Mango for rabbits: Mango is a safe treat for rabbits that is completely toxic free. The washed skin is safe to eat too. Cut it up in small slices and let it have a few. Mango contains a lot of vitamins and minerals

Watermelon for rabbits: The flesh and rinds are safe to eat, but peel out the seeds first. Watermelon is high in sugar and should only be served in the size of 1 tablespoon per 2 pounds/900 grams bodyweight

Google each fruit or consult your vet for more information or if you have questions about your rabbits diet

Can Pet Rabbits Eat Apples

Can Pet Rabbits Eat Apples, 10 safe fruits for rabbits to eat as treats.

Picking Bunny Litters

This will assist relieve him back to a serene state. Make sure there are enough food and water in addition to toys on his litter box. Did you know that bunnies have two kinds of droppings?

10 safe fruits for rabbits to eat as treats, Play most shared complete videos about Can Pet Rabbits Eat Apples.

Outdoor Bunny Hutch – 3 Specific Factors To Consider Prior To Buying Bunny Hutch

When picking a bunny as an animal, it is a great idea to consider getting a male rabbit. This provides them some outdoor experience and bunnies love to smile and hop. Would you keep your pet dog or feline in a cage 23 hours a day?

Wild infant bunnies are more fragile than domesticated ones. They are much more delicate than tamed bunnies. Wild infant bunnies are usually left alone by their mom rabbit after the initial feeding. She usually left them alone in the nest. She just make sure that the nest is covered with bushes, dried twigs and lots of yard to keep it safe from any predators in the woods. Predators are everywhere and it might be other wild animals searching for their food or it might be human, like us, passing by.

Considering that Cute Pet Rabbits like cleanliness therefore you must brush them frequently. This will assist in keeping their fur from matting. Besides, trim the rabbit nail every 4-6 weeks. These easy actions will ensure that your rabbit remains in the finest of health.

If you observe some untidy fecal, bring your rabbit to your veterinarian to make sure he is not experiencing diarrhea. This health problem is among the fatal diseases of Pet Rabbits Care.

Most bunnies spend most of their time in a bunny hutch. These can be placed inside or outdoors. Many of them are made of outdoor grade plywood and wire, but big cages with flat plastic bottoms and wire tops are likewise readily available and might be suitable for some bunnies. When it is totally grown before choosing a bunny hutch, you must consider the size of your rabbit. Some have wire floorings and others have smooth floorings. In some cases, wire floorings can hurt a bunny’s feet. Adding bedding to some or all of the floor can assist this, or you can buy a hutch with a smooth floor.

Pet Rabbits are comparatively easier to keep than lots of other family pets. Even a newbie family pet rearing must be capable adequate to care for a dwarf bunny with relative ease. These small family Pet Rabbits need roughly the same care as an average size breed but they are a lot easier to handle due to the fact that of their little size and this likewise suggests that they require less space.

If you are allergic to your new family pet it can make things extremely hard. Make sure that no one has a problem with the new family pet before bringing it home. If someone dislikes the animal it can make for a brief relationship or a lot of discomfort.

There were a lot of things that I did not know though about bunnies when I believed to get one. For example, I did not know that family pet rabbit can be litter-trained. When being called, I did not know that they react to names. I did not know that they typically try to outmaneuver us. I did not know that family pet rabbit require lots of attention. I did not know that they got rid of a lot of fur. I did not know that family pet rabbit has temper and easily get offended by the most minor changes.

Or, alternatively, you can farm hatchlings, or perhaps the unusual Hyacinth Maccaw, by killings mobs and monsters in various locations. You can constantly buy a virtual family pet if you have money to spend. Get your buddy either from a loot card or by purchasing straight from Blizzard.

There are 4 different types of this breed – English, French, Satin and Giant Angora. It is a great idea to hang their hay basket on the side of their cage so that it remains fresh. Rabbits are carefully associated to picas and hare.

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