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How Does Long Haired Dalmatian Look Like ?



Another unfortunate characteristic of the Long Haired Dalmatian is the shedding. Contrary to popular belief all shorthaired dogs are harder to clean after than the longhaired varieties. The hair of a Dalmatian are long and said to be a mix of Golden Retrievers. Boxers and other shorthaired breeds seem to have a barb on its end.

It sticks into furniture, clothing, and even your skin and the white hair shows up on all dark materials. Brushing your dog’s coat each day helps but does not entirely clear up the problem. If you are squeamish about seeing dog hair around your home, do not get a Dalmatian. If you are willing to excuse this problem, you will have a great dog as your pet.

Birth Of Long Haired Dalmatian

A patched Long Haired Dalmatian has its patch at birth. This is a large area of solid color, black or liver, which can be seen while the puppy is still wet and which does not disappear when the long coat starts to grow. The pigment remains. Tiny touches of color on the ear. toes, nose. etc.. are not to be confused with a patch when dalmatian came to American kennel club first there is a small hair coat.

The color in a patch is intense and uniform. And the texture is quite velvety in the adult dog as the patch. soft and silky like the rest of the puppy coat, does not change when the puppy matures. Sometimes spots will form and run together. This can be distinguished from patches because of the white hairs which intermingle with the black or liver spots which have run together.

Homestead is the name the Stoltings have given to their dogs. Before they became interested in Dalmatians they had Dobermans. They prefer short-haired dogs because they enjoy seeing the structure and muscle of the animal rather than the long coat.

Peggy Adamson well-known Doberman breeder is a close friend. It was through her that they became interested in showing Dobermans. Later they decided to get a Dal. Although they are a small kennel they have had great success on a limited basis.

Contrast this with the outline of the puddle or patch. This has no indication of spots or partial spots. There is an absence of white hair within the area covered. Typically the hair within the patch is shorter, finer and softer than the other hair on the animal being evaluated.

With these features firmly in mind a judge from outside the Dal fancy is equipped to recognize the presence or absence of patches as quickly as a breeder. Without them he is lost. How does a breeder recognize a patch? It is present at birth and all too easily recognized. a black or brown blot on a pure white puppy.


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