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5 Interesting Facts and Information About German Shepherd



The German shepherd Breed has begin in the year 1899, When a German Army Captain fond of dog breeding realized that there was a specimen of a dog without catalog that was very practical for grazing. It was the first German shepherd, probably as a result of the crossing of a Siberian dog with other breeds.

This military breeder, Maximilian von Stephanitz, used that first German shepherd as a stallion to get more litters and tried to ensure that the race maintained that working spirit, and the intelligence and fidelity of which he was enchanted.

German Shepherd Information

HeightMales : 64 cm
Females : 58 cm
Energy levelHigh
Life Expectancy 10 - 12 years
Friendliness Moderate
TemperamentCan Tolerate all Kinds Of Temperature
Bite Force327 Pounds
Size GroupMedium

Initially, the task of this breed was grazing, hence its name. They were cattle keepers and sheepherders. But when livestock began to mechanize and keep animals indoors, German shepherds were less necessary.

In the early twentieth century, this breed of a dog discovered other fields very varied and with great responsibility. They are the dogs used by the police and the army to track, detect explosives, narcotic substances and lost human beings. They are also excellent guide dogs, for the great attention they keep to everything that happens around them. In emergency devices, they are very useful dogs to locate survivors buried in snow or debris.

But it is a dog that has also crossed reality German shepherd is one of the most demanded breeds for film and television. Because it is very important to have obedient animals that can meet the guidelines of filming and, in addition, provide an aesthetic charm, and German shepherds are very photogenic.

The Latin term that designates a dog is “domestic lupus”, in Castilian “domestic wolf”. This is because dogs were believed to have descended from the wolf, but against the popular belief that the German shepherd is closer to this kinship than other breeds of dogs, we must say that it is not true.

Facts About German Shepherd

The German shepherd looks very respectable, it easily resembles the idea we have of wolves but it is not close to being. There are other breeds, such as the Husky and other Nordic dogs but here are some interesting facts about German Shepherd that do maintain a greater genetic closeness with the wolf.

Dogs often use to communicate barking and tail. Both can use them to demand attention, reprimand, or to show joy. However, some dogs can also use their ears, and that is the case with the German shepherd.

German shepherd puppies usually wear porridge ears, which is a symptom of tenderness and helplessness. They use it as a security measure if you think they are not a threat they can remain safe. However, they can lift their ears or lower them at their convenience, and even lift one and leave the other lying down.

The head is wide and narrows gracefully in sharp snout ears are quite long and remain erect. The back is level and muscular, ending in a hip that curves down and in a fairly populated tail. The hair is thick, hard and rough, generally presenting a medium length, however, specimens of long hair are often born. The hair color can be black, brown, black and brown or gray.


German shepherds get along well with children and other pets if they grow up together, but they tend to doubt strange people because of their guardian instincts. This breed is considered to be clever and easy to train. Some German shepherds who have not been properly raised can be very excited and nervous. Bad socialization and inadequate training can trigger overprotective or aggressive behavior.


It is important to acquire German shepherds from recognized breeders since as good shepherds they are great, powerful and have strong guardian instincts. Dogs bred with bad practices are more likely to be nervous.

To avoid aggressive and overprotective behavior, it is necessary to carefully socialize German shepherds from a young age and train them in obedience. They must be with the family and exposed to other people and pets in the neighborhood under supervision; they should not be confined to a shed or yard or alone or with other dogs.

German shepherds are active and enjoy having something to do. They need to do a lot of exercises every day otherwise, they become nervous or very excitable.

Its change is very intense and occurs about twice a year, and the rest of the time moves a smaller amount continuously. To control the shedding and maintain beautiful hair, brush it at least a couple of times a week.


German Shepherds are as the name implies breed native to Germany. They developed in the late nineteenth century crossing different breeds of dogs for grazing. This breed was subjected to a rigorous selection and evolved rapidly. In the United Kingdom, these dogs are known as Alsatians because fans of this breed in the area wanted to protect the dog from anti-German feelings after World War II.

German shepherds were introduced to the United States by the hand of soldiers returning to their homes after the First World War. The breed caught the attention of the public by movie stars like Strongheart and, later, Rin Tin Tin. When World War II arrived, the German shepherds were the preferred military breed, and they were the first guide dogs. Today, they are one of the most successful dogs in the United States. In 1999, German shepherds ranked third on the list of fifty best races of the American Kennel Club.

Conclusion: It is also a grazing breed famous for its bravery, loyalty and guardian instincts. It is an excellent guard dog, police dog, military dog, guide dog and search and rescue dog. For many families due to his character he is a valuable member of the family.

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