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How To Choose The Right Puppy Before Buying Or Adopting From Pet Store



Choosing the right puppy

If you can visit the kennel of a breeder and personally select a puppy, you have a better chance of obtaining what you want than when buying in any other way. You may be able to see the father and mother of the puppy before choosing, handle them, observe any abnormalities or weaknesses, See if they are shy and if their bladder sphincter muscles are normal or if they piddle when petted.

You can also make sure that their vision and hearing are acute while choosing a puppy. Then, there may be brothers and sisters from other litters in the kennel that will give you a good idea what kind of producers the parents are. You can inquire about vaccinations, dewormings, feeding and training, particularly with regard to housebreaking. You can also read our previous article on how to choose the perfect dog breed for yourself.

There may be a whole litter to choose from before buying from the pet store. If you want a large example of the breed, select the largest pup, because early size is at least a partial indication that the pup will eventually be big although this is by no means certain. Select the pup that most appeals to you on all points.

Some people take the one which seems to cozy up to them the most, but I advise against letting the pup choose you. Yes, the personal selection at the kennel, once you have decided on which dog breed to adopt, Below is the most satisfactory way of choosing a Puppy.

Choosing the Puppy
How To Choose A Puppy?

The pet-shop owner is a middleman between the breeder and the buyer so it’s your responsibility to choose the right puppy for you. He either buys puppies or takes them on consignment, and sells them to his customers. Usually a number of the “cutest” of these puppies are placed in the shop windows as “attention-getters.” You may be among those watching the puppies frolic and if you are a person who finds it hard to resist such cuteness and decides then and there to buy, here are some points to consider.

  • The puppy stays cute for a very short time.
  • You cannot see the puppy’s parents, so you have no way of being reasonably sure how it will grow up.
  • The pet-shop owner’s integrity is your best basis for knowing about the pup. He can tell you how others from the same breeding have developed and how reliable the breeder.
  • If you want a purebred dog, be certain the puppy is typical of puppies of that breed.
  • Inquire about what disease protection the pup has had. Was serum administered? When? Was it permanently immunized? How? These are questions your veterinarian will ask should you later take your puppy for treatment.
  • Inquire about what treatments have been given for intestinal parasites. You’ll know when to deworm the┬ápup again or when the veterinarian should do it for yours.
  • Put most of your money into the dog and not into a lot of “equipment.”

Some pet-shop owners know a great many breeders and have had experience with their reliability. Often they can even help you in buying a dog of a breed they do not have for sale. It may pay you well to consult a reliable dealer.

Still another and related source is the professional handler people exhibit dogs for fees and often know where the best puppies are to be had. If there is a professional handler in your locality, you may be wise to consult him, for among his clients may be a breeder of the very dog you want.

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