Pros and Cons of These Top 10 Beginner Parrots | Parakeets, Conures, Parrots, and More!

Published on February 3, 2021

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Here is the top 10 beginner parrots parakeets conures and other birds I recommend! Pros and cons, prices, and some more general information for beginner parrot owners to get you started in your research for the right parrot that fits your lifestyle! Keep in mind, these are simply my recommendations and I’m sure many others have different species they recommend. Thats why I ask all of you here on the birb squad to help beginner parrot owners out with zero judgement! Remember, we were all beginners once so lets help as many people as possible with their potential parrots!

Also note, that just because I list these top 10 parrots for beginners, doesn’t mean each and every one of them is right for you. This video is set as a guide and parrots that are generally easier for beginners to handle. Find the one from this list (or others mentioned in the comments) that you are interested in and sounds like a good fit for your lifestyle. Then begin your extensive research for more info on the species! Who knows, you may find your forever companion parrot thats right for the both of you 🙂

Anyway, I hope you birbs enjoy this super long video! Grab you and your birb a snack, relax, and lets talk about beginner parrots!

Thank you all again on the birb squad for being so supportive and kind to others. In such a toxic world that live in, its nice to be a part of a community where we all can learn and laugh together with as little judgment as possible.

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  1. Finches and Canaries
  2. Budgies
  3. Bourke’s Parakeets
  4. Doves
  5. Parrotlets and Lovebirds
  6. Cockatiels
  7. Green Cheeks and Dusky
  8. Meyer’s Parrots
  9. Caiques
  10. Pionus

CHECK OUT LOVE OF PETS AND HER BOURKE’S PARAKEETS VIDEOS!! She has quite a few of them but here are a couple to get you started if you’re interested in Bourke’s.

Here is Love of Pets Bourke’s Playlist

Rosey Bourke Parakeets as Pets | Living with Rosey Bourke Parakeets | Species Spotlight

Bourke Parakeet Cage Set up and Cage Tour

Hope you all enjoy the video! Thank you so much for always supporting one another. Its refreshing to be a part of community that can be so kind and passionate about birbs 🙂


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Good Pet Birds for Beginners

Good Pet Birds for Beginners, Pros and Cons of These Top 10 Beginner Parrots | Parakeets, Conures, Parrots, and More!.

The Parrot – A Perfect Home Buddy And Mimicker

This means to allow the bird an extremely excellent space or room in which to see everyone.
In addition to the health benefits, dogs are likewise terrific in developing brand-new relationships.

Pros and Cons of These Top 10 Beginner Parrots | Parakeets, Conures, Parrots, and More!, Search trending full length videos relevant with Good Pet Birds for Beginners.

Bird Toys – Bird Toy Safety Every Parrot Owner Need To Know

Finches are among the most popular birds to have as pets. Fish leave no mess, make no sound, and require no outside exercises. It is essential to use greens to your Australian finches to maintain excellent health.

Many folks wish to have a bird as their choice of pet. But owning an animal might not be all that basic. There are many things you will require to care for. Here are a couple of things you require to know before you opt for an animal bird.

Parrots are among the most popular Pet Birds but these are likewise one of the loudest ones. A compromise is to get a parrotlet rather. Parrotlet are a smaller sized version of parrots but they do not lack intelligence or energy.

If you buy an utilized birdcage make sure it isn’t rusty. Birds in some cases like to munch on the cage bars and old rust will not do them any excellent. If the rust can be cleaned off, that would make it okay Likewise with an utilized cage, you just have to make sure it latches securely. Many Pet Birds Care like a tall cage so they can walk up and down the bars in the cage.

Every creature likes their play time. The building of a bird cage is not complete merely after all the walls have been built. Birds require toys and various resting areas within their cages. Numerous perches for the bird to fly between are often desirable. After learning what toys are best for that types, the home can be filled with their favorites. Once again, make certain to inspect what type of chemicals have been utilized on each and whatever that is to be put in the cage.

Birds – Individuals often say birds ought to be totally free and not caged. But their absolutely better off in a good owner’s hands and made as shooting targets. Birds make great pets too, but not the truly loud ones. Neighbors would hate that. Birds like canaries, Meyers and finches are best for little houses. They too make great buddies. You can let them perch on your fingers and you can pet them.

Likewise keep in mind to keep those other Best Pet Birds accessories around. Say for example a food bowl, a toy, and other munchies and tidbits for him to chew around.

African Grey– This parrot has, without doubt, the most potential to become a proficient speaker by comprehending and finding out a big vocabulary how to utilize the words in their proper context. There are some that start to speak at an early age, but for many, speech is postponed up until they are one or perhaps 2 years old. Many are blessed with intelligence equivalent to that of a 5-year old, and can properly mimic sounds that they hear in the office or home. With proper care they have a life expectancy of a minimum of 30 and lot of times 50 years or more.

Among the secrets, and it’s a major one to keeping your bird healthy and pleased, is keeping a tidy cage. This is done by clearing the bottom of the cage regularly and cleaning up anything that might take place to get outside the cage. Not just your bird but your household will remain safe, pleased and healthy also.

Having a pair of birds as pets in the house definitely has its benefits. Teaching everyone in your house how to take care of your finch is vital. Precisely what type of bird (and how many) do I desire?

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