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3 Important Things To Do Before Getting A Puppy Home



It is often said that dogs are our best friends their high intelligence and loyal, sociable natures make them great companions. Owning a dog is fun and rewarding, but it is a huge commitment too. So before Adopting the new puppy at home you must know and ask your self the below questions.

Dogs hove been popular pets since ancient times. Breeds today vary from small Jack Russells to huge Great Danes and from cuddly toy dogs to energetic hounds. Some dogs make useful workers. while others are just good friends. With more than 400 breeds in the world to choose from, there is a dog to suit almost everyone!

What Dog Needs From You?

Dogs to rely on humans to meet all their basic needs, such as food, shelter, health, affection, and exercise. Before you get a dog or puppy you need to be sure you can provide all these things. every day, for the whole of the animal’s life. Puppies grow up quickly, and most dogs live for at least 12 years. Think ahead and decide if you’re ready for this long-term responsibility.

Basic Dog Care Tips

DUTY OF CARE RSPCA International has outlined five basic dog care tips that should know and also read our previous article on How To Take Care Of Your Dog at Home.

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury, and disease
  • Freedom to express normal behavior
  • Freedom from fear and distress

A well-kept dog will form a strong bond with its owner. If you care for your dog it will love you in return Looking after Monty car be hard work at times but he’s worth it.

Before Getting The Pet Dog Ask Yourself

  1. Do you have the time to care for a dog properly? If you’re not around. you’ll need to find someone else to look after it.
  2. Do you and your family have enough money to keep a dog happy and healthy? Dog food and vet bills are expensive.
  3. Do you have space for a dog to live comfortably, and somewhere to walk it every day? Dogs like to explore and exercise.

A strong relationship If you can offer a dog a good home, make the most of the opportunity. A dog can teach you a lot, as well as be a great playmate. It will love you look up to you and even protect you. But you should always remember that dogs are very different from human beings. It’s easy to assume that a dog is somehow a younger version of you, but it has very different instincts, which you should always respect.

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